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Alloy Metals provide superior strength and dramatic weight reductions over ferrous metals such as steel.  Alloy wheels are wheels made from an alloy of aluminum or magnesium metals, or a mixture of both for cars, motorcycles, and trucks.

Aluminum Alloy wheels are different from traditional steel wheels, and have the following features in comparison to steel wheels:

  • Lighter in weight
  • Stronger in metal strength
  • Safer for brakes
  • Improved heat dissipation from brakes
  • Better in steering and handling
  • Easier to drive on rough road conditions
  • More attractive due to styling possibilities in production
  • Better in overall performance

The shiny finishes with stylish designs have made alloy wheels much more desirable than steel wheels and have thus become a new trend in the automotive industry.

Traditionally, steel wheels were included on base model vehicles.  Alloy wheels are more expensive to produce, and have therefore been marketed as optional add-ons.  However, at present time, owning a car is not just for transportation; cars symbolize social status and prestige.  Automobile owners who prefer to have lighter, more stylish, and larger diameter wheels, who desire increased performance, improved handling and suspension, or are looking for a way to signify sportiness or wealth, will select alloy wheels from aftermarket wheel suppliers.  Alloy wheels are included as standard equipment on higher-priced, luxury or sport models, with larger-sized or exclusive alloy wheels available to meet consumer demands.

Black Ice Alloys are made from the best aluminum alloy ingot, with the internationally designated alloy standard of raw material known as A356.2.  A356.2 contains primary aluminum with mixtures of magnesium and titanium to produce the highest quality aluminum-alloy wheels, which carry the best metal strength, the lightest weight, the best performance, the highest technological engineering and the most stylish designs to satisfy different market needs.


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